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Images of waterbars

22 Jan 2013 8:51 AM | David
Waterbars were mentioned at the PotLuck lunch on Sat, Jan 19, 2013 and I thought I would Google waterbar images and I found the following link will give the images found: 

NOTE: when viewing the page of images above, you can use the keys CTRL +  to enlarge the images on the page or click CTRL + keys simultaneously several times to enlarge the images several times.
Then rather than clicking to each omage to view it, you can use the right arrow key to page thru these enlarged images...(using the right arrow key to move thru the images works on IE fine, not so good when using Flock)

Just thought I would share this since I am not always sure whether I am on the right page when it comes to the techniques concerning trail maintenance.


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