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quote from Paul Petzoldt - founder of NOLS

16 Mar 2013 10:49 AM | David
"All my life, people have asked the question, directly or indirectly. "Why in the hell do you climb mountains?" I can't explain this to other people. I love the physical exertion. I love the wind. I love the storms. I love the fresh air. I love the companionship in the outdoors. I love the reality. I love the change. I love the rejuvenating spirit. I love to feel oneness with nature. I'm hungry; I enjoy eating. I get thirsty; I enjoy the clear water. I enjoy being warm at night when it's cold outside. All these things are extremely enjoyable because, gosh, you're really feeling them, you're living them, your senses are really feeling. I can't explain it."

~Paul Petzoldt - founder of NOLS

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