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My First Hike

26 Apr 2012 8:42 AM | Anonymous

After participating in the beginers overnight hike I feel ready to take on the trail. Thanks to all the leaders who made this hike a stress free hike knowing that I was in good hands. Prior to finding this wonderful group I had decided to beging section hiking the AT. So now with the right equipment and  year long training. I will hike the southern section of the SNP from Swift Gap to Rocckfish Gap. I plan to begin on May 5th and hike out on Tuesday. Marina will join me for the 1st day and half . I have an acquantinance comming from Missouri also joining me . I will post pictures and comments on FB once we have returned. My plan is 44 miles but thats just a plan =)

My bigger goal is to hike the lenght of SNP by the end of the fall


  • 07 May 2012 12:26 PM | Jenni
    Congrats!! I too am a Mike & Bob graduate and have gone on to do lots of backpacking. I'm the Activities Chair for ODATC.Hope to see you out on a hike soon.
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