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Trail Maintenance Photo Album

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65 photo(s) Updated on: 22 Nov 2020
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  • Amanada and Richard on the West Side.
  • Dave in rootball hole along trail on Humback Mountain. Ready to begin repair.
  • Theresa on repaired tread. A bit more work to do to complete it but it is MUCH improved. There was basically no tread before this as the root ball removed the trail.
  • Socially-distanced work crew on 11/22/2020. Dave and Amanda in teh lead as Mark was sidelined.
  • Bert sizing up blow down near the shelter.
  • Chris clearing a tree north of the shelter.
  • Maintainer's Dinner at Blue Mountain Brewery
  • Richard with a big one.
  • The team clearing Privet at Janes River Wildlife Refuge
  • ODATC helping out the City of Richmond on the North Bank Trail Near Ginter Gardens. Thanks Chris.
  • Stair and armoring project in Richmond
  • Stair and armoring project in Richmond
  • Stair and armoring project in Richmond
  • After #1
  • Before #1
  • After #2
  • Before #2
  • Club worked with VDOT to have safety signage added at Reid's Gap
  • Club worked with VDOT to have safety signage added at Reid's Gap
  • 266 pounds of garlic mustard removed
  • Garlic Mustard (invasive)
  • Did that really tasted good, Mr. Bear?
  • Josh from ATC leading a sidehilling training class
  • We are not alone.
  • Building a rock water bar.
  • New stairs and crush.
  • Building cribbing to accommodate the new stairs
  • Craig adding his valuable expertise.
  • Amanda on the 3.5 mile lumber march from Humpback Mountain parking lot to the job site
  • Progress
  • Privy crew with the "throne"
  • Lori on refurbished stairs
  • Off to Presquile National Wildlife Refuge
  • Scouting on the Albright, thanks Kim. Tool adds perspective for sizing the tree.
  • Congrats Ed and Jim.
  • Work trip team
  • Ice storm left us with months of tree clearing work
  • Humpback Rock
  • Rowan helping gravity.
  • Finally broke free a year after being cut
  • Margaret trimming stairs
  • Flower area after trimming
  • Flower area before trimming
  • View from a BRP overlook on the Way to August 2020 Work Trip
  • On the way home....
  • I know it needs to be down.
  • Socially distanced team at the tailgate briefing.
  • SOBO not heeding instructions.
  • Garry on his first work trip reviewing tread rehab after we cleared a blowdown.
  • One of many that day.
  • Another cleared.
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