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Border Monitoring

The ODATC monitors and maintains 162 survey monuments and the approximately 15 miles of NPS boundary they define as part of the protective buffer on both the east and west sides of the AT corridor for those portions of the AT in our region of responsibility (Reid's Gap to Rockfish gap) that run east of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Here is a graphic of what we monitor.

Monitoring the corridor boundary is an annual task for the hardy ODATC members who constitute our monitoring crew.  It involves walking the difficult downslope demarcation:

ODATC members who participate in corridor monitoring help the club meet our delegated responsibilities to do so.  They report on the status and actions they have taken regarding the survey monuments and the border they define.  The Land Manager submits this information to the ATC each February as documentation of (a) our monitoring actions, (b) to indicate the conditions of the corridor boundary in the previous year, and (c) to give notice to the ATC of border issues such as encroachment, hunting, or other illegal uses.


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