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                                             Hike Rating Codes

 Terrain    Distance
 1 = Very Strenuous     A = More than 13 miles
 2 = Strenuous   B = 9 to 13 miles
 3 = Moderate   C = 5 to 9 miles
 4 = Easy  D = Under 5 miles

Appropriate footwear, either hiking boots or shoes designed for hiking trails (e.g. trailrunners) are strongly recommended for all hikes.  If you are new to hiking, helpful suggestions can be found in Take a Hike.  This document will also provide a list of what you are expected to bring on a hike.

In addition to being properly equipped, hikers must be aware of their own abilities and limitations.  They must also follow the instructions of activity leaders.  This includes instructions related to preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  If the activity leader determines that the participation of any member or guest in that activity would compromise the safety of themselves or others, then the leader has the authority to refuse the participation of that individual in that activity.

All ODATC members agree to abide by the Club's Liability Waiver.

                                                                                       Liability Waiver

Old Dominion Appalachian Trail Club (ODATC) activities are generally safe, but accidents and incidents can occur. Therefore, it is the responsibility of participants to know their own capabilities and to assure their own safety. By participating in Club activities, participants  not only agree to be responsible for their own safety, but also agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Club, its officers, hike leaders, and fellow members for any illness, injury, or death resulting from their participation in Club sponsored activities.

Hike Registration

Registering for a hike is accomplished by contacting the hike leader.  Their contact information (email or phone number) will appear in the hike announcement.  You must contact the hike leader  prior to the date of the scheduled hike.


Remember to check the Events page frequently for any status changes to events you are interested in or to see new activities. Also, events may be closed, canceled or updated with important information at any time.


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